Lockheed Martin – Digital Executions

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With the launch of Lockheed Martin’s 2014 Farnborough Airshow in the UK, we proposed these concepts that would create awareness and buzz around the event.

Solution 1: To create a Lockheed Martin Farnborough interactive map mobile banner that is geo-targeted when users are in close proximity of the event area. The banner will open and reveal a map of the event. Users can then tap on hot spots on map and learn more about the exhibition.

Solution 2: To create an expandable banner on aviation week site. Users can then click on hot spots on banner and learn more about the product.

Solution 3: To create a mobile banner with custom twitter feed. With the hashtag #futurearrives, this banner will encourage people to engage in coversations about the event.

Solution 4: To create a simple interactive game overlay on aviation week site. The game lets the user flies the F-35. Users can choose a location or type in a zipcode, the background will then change to their desired location. This fun and interactive simulation will create an awareness of the F-35 and the Farnborough event.

Project: Pitch & Client work | Lockheed Martin
Role: Art Director