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Another World. Greenland.

The Brief:
Trump wants to buy Greenland. Let’s say Greenland was into the idea –– how would it advertise? This should be a 360 campaign. Take some time to think of how this campaign can be different, unexpected, and smart. If that means making nontraditional, then go for it. Also, your audience isn’t just Trump or America, it’s everyone. How can you convince the world they all want to compete for this tiny icy island?

Only sovereign countries have the wealth to buy Greenland. And of those countries a handful have the ability to pull it off. That means marketing to superpowers like China, Russia and the United States (and maybe UAE or Saudi Arabia). All of those countries are looking for the same things from an acquisition: natural resources and strategic positioning. Let’s give it to them.

The world can feel pretty messed up. But what if there was a place to start over? Discover a place to begin again and cement strategic dominance on the world stage. A new, New World. A land where there’s never a drought, that has rare minerals, and has the Arctic as its backyard. Another world. Greenland.

Project: Personal work (YoungShits Winner) | Greenland
Role: Art Director & Designer