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Dab At It – UN Global Call Out to Creative

We created a TikTok style video with original rap and choreography to address ways to stay safe and healthy during this period of social distancing in response to the United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives. Our hope is that this catchy and easy to remember dance teaches and reinforces tips to stay healthy and safe, across all locations and age groups. Let’s continue to show solidarity despite distance and #DabAtIt. This video is featured on Talenthouse UN site. Project: Client work | United Nations Role: Associate Creative Director

Aetna – Shanae’s Story

For this video, we captured Shanae’s story about how she struggled with food insecurity when she was younger and how she overcame it. When she was younger she used the help of WIC to feed her children, but now she is food secure. Her current focus remains raising her family, but she is also giving back to her community by serving as a volunteer in the community garden and raising awareness about the issue of food insecurity in Lemon Grove, a community in the south-central part of San Diego County. Project: Client work | Aetna Role: Associate Creative Director

Ad Council COVID-19 PSAs

Ad Council COVID-19 Low Risk PSA Ad Council COVID-19 High Risk PSA Ad Council COVID-19 If You’re Sick PSA Ad Council COVID-19 FLOTUS PSA   We were tasked to create several PSAs in a time of tremendous uncertainty prompted by the global pandemic, which is radically reshaping the modern world and workplace. The White House deployed these PSAs to inform the general public about how to protect themselves from the coronavirus. In conjunction with the Ad Council, we helped produce videos and messages delivered by the surgeon general and First Lady Melania Trump. Our work was featured in an array of prominent news outlets, from Variety, to AdAge, The Drum, and more. Project: Client Work | Ad Council, CDC & The White House Role: Associate Creative Director

36 Days of Type

Bonus Ampersand! 36 Days of Type is a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet. Project: Personal work | 36 Days of Type Role: Art Director & Designer

Another World. Greenland.

The Brief: Trump wants to buy Greenland. Let’s say Greenland was into the idea –– how would it advertise? This should be a 360 campaign. Take some time to think of how this campaign can be different, unexpected, and smart. If that means making nontraditional, then go for it. Also, your audience isn’t just Trump or America, it’s everyone. How can you convince the world they all want to compete for this tiny icy island? Insight: Only sovereign countries have the wealth to buy Greenland. And of those countries a handful have the ability to pull it off. That means marketing to superpowers like China, Russia and the United States (and maybe UAE or Saudi Arabia). All of those countries are looking for the same things from an acquisition: natural resources and strategic positioning. Let’s give it to them. Solution: The world can feel pretty messed up. But what if there was a place to start over? Discover a place to begin again and cement strategic dominance on the world stage. A new, New World. …