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Aetna Medicare

What To Expect When Working With a Medicare Agent How Vicky Navigated the Aetna Medicare Onboarding Process How To Be a Caregiver for Others, And Still Take Care of Yourself Aetna is member obsessed. By putting their members first, they truly connect and embrace their members. These videos and candid photography relate to the Medicare audience. Aetna focuses on the idea of total health and providing products and services that take care of the whole person — body, mind and spirit, so they can help their Medicare members age actively. Project: Client work | Aetna Role: Associate Creative Director

Aetna Medicare – Unpacking The Parts

For this task, we break down each parts of Medicare in an easy to understand stop motion style video. Knowing the parts of Medicare is the first step towards learning how to get the most out of your health care coverage. Each member should pick a Medicare coverage that fits the way their lifestyle. With this video, choosing a Medicare plan can be simple and Aetna is there to help every member achieve their health goals. Project: Client work | Aetna Role: Associate Creative Director

Aetna – Jessica’s Story

For this video, we captured Jessica’s story about how she has successfully navigated the open enrollment process to meet the health goals of both her and her family. The video aims to help build a prospective or current member’s confidence in enrolling in an Aetna health plan by presenting them with an aspirational figure who can demonstrate both the relative ease and great importance of actively participating in the annual open enrollment process. Individuals will recognize the importance of participating in the open enrollment process and will feel more comfortable about engaging in the process themselves. Project: Client work | Aetna Role: Associate Creative Director

Dab At It – UN Global Call Out to Creative

We created a TikTok style video with original rap and choreography to address ways to stay safe and healthy during this period of social distancing in response to the United Nations Global Call Out to Creatives. Our hope is that this catchy and easy to remember dance teaches and reinforces tips to stay healthy and safe, across all locations and age groups. Let’s continue to show solidarity despite distance and #DabAtIt. This video is featured on Talenthouse UN site. Project: Client work | United Nations Role: Associate Creative Director