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Quitclips – Nicotine is Highly Addictive

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and although the number of smokers has declined steadily for the past few decades, over 37 million people—approximately 15.5% of the adult population—continue to smoke. Smoking costs the United States billions of dollars each year in medical expenditure and lost productivity, in addition to the thousands who die from smoking-related illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Smokers who want to quit may seek help from their healthcare provider to do so. As such, understanding the realities of the addiction and its affects may assist healthcare providers in smoking cessation discussions with their patients. We are tasked with developing a library of explainer videos for Quitclips, which is an on-demand Netflix style library website containing Smoking Cessation education for HCPs. This video debunks common misconceptions smokers have about smoking, quitting and achieving better health in a clear, colloquial way. Project: Client work | Quitclips (Pfizer) Role: Associate Creative Director

Quitclips – Empowering Cessation

According to the CDC, there are 36 million smokers in the US. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year, or about 1 in 5 deaths. It is the #1 attributable risk factor for CV death in men and the #2 attributable risk factor in women. Helping smokers to quit is one of the most important steps an Healthcare professionals can take towards improving their patients’ overall health. The needs for HCP medical education in the area of smoking cessation have not be met, and HCPs and small/large Health Systems constantly ask Medical Teams for help educating their HCPs and for any available educational resources. We are tasked with developing an on-demand Netflix style library website containing Smoking Cessation education for HCPs. The site consists of “Explainer” videos, short quizzes, downloadable brochures, and sources and information. The campaign is a first of its kind initiative for Pfizer, and it delivers targeted “medical-to-medical” content for its audience. View live site Project: Client …

ANA – Experience Class

Magic, joy, comfort, adventure – ANA’s superior service embodies Japanese hospitality – our goal is to make Omotenashi synonymous with ANA and accessible to American consumers. ANA believes the experience of the journey is as important as the destination, no matter who you are or where you sit. To bring this manifesto to life, we were tasked with a new site refresh as a for an engaging content that gives consumers an exclusive look at Experience Class, ANA’s unique and unparalleled approach to travel, from takeoff to touchdown. View live site Project: Client work | ANA Role: Associate Creative Director

Land Rover – Build a Legend. Live a Legacy.

Many careers give you the opportunity to make something that lasts; something to be remembered by. But not every career can claim to leave a legacy… unless that career is with a true British institution like Jaguar Land Rover. This is a unique and iconic company. One that wears the label of ‘legend’ proudly and genuinely. Here, we have created a platform around what being a true icon means – emphasizing that what sets this company apart from the competition is one-and-the-same as what puts its careers in a league of their own. Project: Pitch work | Land Rover Role: Art Director

Converse – Behind the Star

Behind every advance, innovation, and revolution Converse has made is a dedicated team. It’s everyone in store and at their corporate headquarters. That team is just as talented and unique as the artists, musicians, and rebels we work with. This idea shows that it’s not just anyone who gets to join the Converse team. It’s only people who have their own style, drive and spirit. Project: Pitch work | Converse Role: Art Director

Pace University – This is Pace

The experience at Pace is a brilliant balance between academic excellence and experiential learning. The university understands that in order to prepare students for the professional world, they need to experience it as soon as possible. Through clever juxtapositions, this concepts shows just how important internships, workshops, visiting guest lectures and the industry insights of the faculty are to a student’s educational experience. We plastered these executions throughout New York City, including MTA platforms, stairwells and cars, MetroNorth platforms and LIRR trains. We put Pace university on the map and raise a certain level of brand awareness amongst prospective students, parents alumni and employers. The campaign stood out in a very cluttered college and university advertising marketplace. Apart from billboards and posters, we also created digital executions in social media platform including facebook, and other media platforms such as and the Journal News. We also curated unique student videos for Pace Path which is 4 year individualized program that is designed to help students make their college experience more purposeful an to teach a wide range of soft skills …